To Be Fair… It’s the time of the year when Hull Fair is upon us.

As sure as the sun will rise, it is now time for you to wrap up warmly and head out into the dark, chilly Hull night. Walton Street really is a sight that has to be seen to be believed now that the fair has rolled around.


For those that don’t know, Hull Fair is one of Europe’s largest travelling fun fairs. It arrives at Walton Street religiously on the first week of October every year, bringing with it a plethora of food, games and rides. It’s a local tradition, with this year being 724th time that the fair has come to town.

As locals will know, Autumn is well and truly upon us by the time the fair comes to town, the prospect of Halloween and Bonfire night lurking around the corner, it’s arguably, the beginning of the best time of the year. With thousands of people attending on opening night alone and the numbers set to rise as the week goes on, there is no doubt Hull Fair 2017 will live up to it’s predecessors


The view from the Ferris Wheel never fails to disappoint

This year the fair has a new attraction, The Power Tower. Rising 56 metres into the sky, it’s the second tallest ride at the fair, but only just. The attraction involves slowly raising riders to the top of the structure, before letting them plummet back to the ground at a hair-raising 12 metres per second. We had the opportunity to ride it last night, and we can assure you, it is well worth every penny, for both the stunning views of the fair, and the adrenaline rush of hurtling towards the Earth.

Whether you’re just interested in strolling around and soaking up the atmosphere, or you’re a thrill seeker looking to defy death, Hull Fair has something for everyone, and it’s something quite unlike anything else. Get down to Walton Street before the 14th of October to see for yourself.

Written By Toby Wise & Molly Thompson

A Whole Lot Of Hot Air – Ironically Describing Both The Hurricanes And The American President

“The concept of Global Warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive“- Donald J Trump, 6th November 2012, now the 45th President of the United States of America.

Despite having a president who doesn’t believe in climate change, the shores of America have been hit by no less than three record-setting hurricanes, in the last three weeks alone. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and most recently Jose, causing millions of dollars in property damage and a catastrophic loss of human life. According to the TSR (Tropical Storm Risk Consortium) 162 people have lost their lives during the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season, despite it being far from over.  2016-10-05T133536Z_860675591_TM3ECA50QHC01_RTRMADP_3_STORM-MATTHEW

Four major hurricanes have occurred since the season opened on the first of June, that’s already over the average of 2.7 per season. Hurricane Harvey was the first major hurricane to happen over US soil since Hurricane Wilma in 2005, ending the record long 4 324 day hurricane drought.

FEMA, the federal emergency management agency has run out funding, after spending $2.14 billion on Harvey and their remaining $1.01 billion on Irma. Unfortunately for the people, President Trump is refusing to allocate any more funds to FEMA, and making it impossibly hard for either the Senate or Congress to “waste anymore of America’s money,” on disaster aid and relief. It took the President three days to finally attend the area devastated by Harvey, and at a rally aimed at aiding those affected by the hurricane, he unfortunately began by saying “Wow, what a turnout, what a crowd.”

The ineffectiveness of the Trump administration is now, more than ever, endangering the lives of the American people. Their blind refusal to acknowledge climate change as an issue that not only affects the United States, but the rest of the world too, has now gone beyond something amusing on Twitter, to now an issue that could bring about catastrophe on a global scale.

Climate change is an issue that the world’s scientific community agree is one of the most important issues we face as planet today. With the leader of the most powerful country in the world refusing to admit it existence, it’s past time that the American people reconsider their leadership, and that the governments of the world tackle this issue together to make meaningful change.

Written by Toby Wise

Manchester. United. A City Famous For It’s Rivalry Unites In The Face Of Terror

On the evening of September 9th Manchester Arena opened its doors to the public for the first time since the horrific evening of May 22nd.

The people came out in their thousands, standing, defiant, together, proud of a city that had not let fear win. Although the ambience was slightly undercut by sadness, with the fact the charity concert had to take place at all, the atmosphere throughout the evening was electrifying. The room felt alive with the thrill of the fact that Manchester hadn’t been beaten by the attack, the atrocity that happened on May 22nd had only brought us closer together. Sat there singing along to Rick Astley, it felt hard to imagine the scenes that were unfolding the last time crowds of people were stood under this same roof.


However, that fateful evening in May is one many people are likely to never forget. Tragically 22 people will never return to Manchester Arena to see the support and love being felt tonight. The aftermath of the horrific suicide attack at the end of the Ariana Grande concert, which had been attended, predominantly by teenagers and children left twenty two dead.

Although myself and my friends aren’t actually from Manchester, watching the events unfold on the news we knew instantly that we wanted to be involved in proving that terrorism can never win. There’s a buzz about Manchester that you don’t get anywhere else, it’s a city, as Tony Walsh describes it ‘were go-getters and goal setters know they’ve a chance’ – if anywhere was going to fight back with force, it’s Manchester. So, when tickets for the ‘One Love Manchester’ concert went on sale the following week getting tickets was a priority.

The bittersweet atmosphere felt at Old Trafford Cricket Ground that evening was one that was mirrored last weekend – the constant reminder just by being there that it shouldn’t be happening at all, but the pride and love felt by attending and being part of something so powerful triumphing gave a strong feeling of hope.

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The city united for a third time last weekend, when twenty-one thousand people filled Manchester Arena to capacity for the first time since the attack. With a heavily Mancunian-based line up the night felt rooted in the city’s history – a celebration of local talent including global names: Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Blossoms, Rick Astley and The Courteeners meant the audience was filled with a variety of people, coming together through the love of a common interest. Music.

The “I heart MCR flags” plastered proudly in the exit into Victoria Train Station serve as a constant reminder of what happened that night. The M.E.N’s doors have now reopened to the public permanently, looking almost the same aside from a few subtle differences. The city now looks forward to the Arena hosting several big names in the near future, such as Metallica and Little Mix. While the loss of twenty-two innocent lives will never be forgotten, the solidarity of the city coming together has proved that Manchester has not been beaten.

Written By Molly Thompson

Edited By Toby Wise

An Introduction…

Surprised to see us here? Yeah, we are too, but our sixth form has finally caught up with the digital age.

Welcome to our blog.

Some of you might have noticed that the Sixth Form used to print a student-run Newspaper, a fairly irregular one at that. We felt that was a little behind the time, so instead hope that you’re going to enjoy being kept up to date via this blog instead! From current affairs to student advice, we’re going to, attempt, to cover a pretty broad range of topics and hopefully get some of you guys involved as well.

If you wish to get involved, and we would like to see many of you do so, please contact either Molly Thompson or Toby Wise through school email, Facebook messenger, or hit up our Twitter @sixthsenseblog

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